The HealthTech scene in the Nordics and Baltics has grown significantly in the past years with innovation and investment booming. This has rendered the NordicBaltic HealthTech sector ripe for helping fight the Covid-19 crisis. From digital dental care to symptom tracker apps, here are 10 HealthTech startups helping to tackle Covid-19.

Kry, the Swedish digital healthcare company, has launched a free web-based platform for healthcare professionals across Europe to use to keep in touch with their patients.


Sidekick Health, an Icelandic digital therapeutics startup, has built a Covid-19 tracker app for the national health system in Iceland.


Klinik Healthcare Solutions, a Finnish Online triage solution for GP patients have updated their algorithm in just 24 hours, to detect symptoms of coronavirus and signpost patients to the official healthcare guidance.


Adent Health, a Copenhagen-based dental care app has fast-tracked the development of its ‘digital dental consultation platform’. Dental professionals will be able to use the consultation platform for free to remotely consult with their clients during the global pandemic.


Motitech, a Norway-based agetech startup, is providing care homes across the Nordics, with free trials of ‘Motiview’, its virtual video cycling concept, enabling older people and people with dementia to take part in physical activity whilst self-isolating.


FirstVet, a Swedish telemedicine platform for vet and pet owners, has made its services available for free to all pet owners across the UK and in the Nordics.


Qoorio, a Lithuania-based social support platform which connects individuals looking for solutions to various problems, is building up a Covid-19 support community to help those struggling in quarantine. It offers psychological advice and general wellbeing advice. 


Emergency Ventilator, this Latvian startup won the recent Latvian online hackathon to tackle Covid-19. This startup does what it says on the tin and makes artificial respiratory equipment that treats patients with short-term respiratory failure. The startup has been awarded funding and is about to start testing its product.


Nuvoair – a Swedish startup that combines hardware, software and data to improve lives of people suffering from respiratory conditions and to enable more precise clinical decisions is working around the clock to set up virtual clinics. Nuvoair is especially focusing on helping those suffering from cystic fibrosis who are much more vulnerable to Covid-19.


Velmio, an Estonian digital health startup, has built a Covid-19 tracker app and plans to share the data with researchers.