The EdTech industry in the Nordic-Baltic region has been an established part of the startup ecosystem for many years. Organisations such as the Nordic EdTech Alliance and the Nordic EdTech Forum (N8) have enabled EdTech startups to excel and provide innovative solutions across Europe and even worldwide. 

The Covid-19 crisis has left schools closed and most parents having to educate their children from home. This has presented EdTech startups with a unique opportunity to offer their digital solutions, often for a reduced price or for free, to students and teachers who are keen for education to continue during these difficult times. Here are 10 Nordic and Baltic EdTech startups helping to tackle Covid-19 related challenges.


Yousician, a Finnish music education startup, is giving teachers across the globe access to its music education platform for free. If this is useful for you, apply here..


Canopy Lab, a Danish learning platform, is offering their social learning platform to every educational institution worldwide, for free for 6 months.


Mussila, based in Iceland is a music app offering hours of musical lessons, challenges and games designed to provide a playful experience for children. You can download the app for free for the duration of the Covid-19 crisis.


99 Math, based in Estonia, helps children learn maths online and is allowing users to sign up for free during the Covid-19 crisis and keep on track with their mathematics curriculum. 


3D learning, is a Norwegian app providing over 1000+ content elements including 3D Models, videos and animations. Students and teachers can use it for learning and teaching and can download for free until the end of April.


Dugga – a swedish assessment tool has opened temporary access to its platform to all schools and universities in order to enable remote learning with different types of assignments, lessons and tests.


Solfeg, a Latvian music app, makes it easy to practice instruments and understand how music works by playing well known songs together at home. Solfeg is offering teachers a free plan to simplify teaching online.


Bit Degree, a Lithuanian EdTech startup is offering free gamified education to help children and teenagers stay engaged and informed with their curriculum.


ALPA kids, based in Estonia is a mobile app helping young children to learn colours, numbers, and the alphabet, you can download it for free here.


Vilike, a Finnish startup encouraging exercise among children is offering their playbook for free to parents teaching their kids at home. The playbook provides a sport scientific assessment method for motor skills development of children at ages 3-6.