The Nordic Baltic Tech Startup Database showcases startups from across the region with technology solutions that combat the health, social and economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis.

The startups in this database either have technology solutions that are intrinsically useful during the current crisis, or have taken the initiative to adopt their product offering in response to the crisis.

The startups are categorised by sector (Health Care, Social Care, Education, Employment and Work), sub-sector, and by the countries in which they operate.

Startups in the healthcare sector cover services such as access to mental health, digital consultation, chronic condition management, wellbeing, and symptom tracking. Social Care covers technologies for remote home care, tools for the elderly and combating social isolation. The Education sector covers a range of EdTech startups, many who are currently providing their services for free, to help teachers, parents and students stay on top of remote education. Businesses and entrepreneurs can find digital collaboration, productivity tools, recruitment services, and workplace wellbeing services under Employment and Work.

Nordic Baltic Tech is collecting startup solutions to challenges facing the public sector across the Nordic-Baltic region as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Nordic Council of Ministers and PUBLIC will bring together policymakers, startups and others to drive scalability and maximise impact of the tech solutions addressing COVID-19 related issues.

If you have a startup solution to any of the challenges facing the public sector as a consequence of COVID19, please submit your solution here.