Social care covers all forms of personal care and other practical assistance for people who need support. Under Covid-19, many populations are practicing social distancing, leaving countless children, young people, adults and pensioners isolated from their communities and carers. These 11 NordicBaltic startups are reconnecting citizens remotely, bringing digital social care to the homes of patients, pensioners and relatives across the region.

No Isolation is on a mission to reduce involuntary loneliness. With tools such as the telepresence robot AV1 and the one-button communication platform KOMP, the Norwegian startup facilitates inter-generational communication in times of isolation.


Fiksari bridges the generational gap in digital by connecting students with pensioners. By offering instant advice on the phone, Fiksari brings a personal touch to developing digital skills. With social distancing, digital support is crucial for enabling activities such as food shopping and keeping families connected via smartphones.


Sekoia is an organisational tool for Danish home care centers. In response to Covid-19, Sekoia has launched a series of new services based on the official health guidelines, including monitoring of respiration frequency and body temperature.


Panion, The Common Interest App, enables you to find and connect with like-minded people nearby. By making communities keyword-searchable, Panion offers a platform for people to discover shared interests and exchange skill-sets within existing networks. Visit the Panion blog for insights on how to socially survive a coronavirus quarantine.


NurseBuddy is an easy-to-use app that assists caregivers and family members by streamlining the operations of a home care company. NurseBuddy is currently offering its full platform for free to help providers tackle Covid-19.


JodaCare offers a platform for sharing dialogue and pictures, helping facilitate effective communication between healthcare personnel, relatives and the people they care about. With many elderly in isolation during the crisis, relatives can use JodaCare to stay connected.


Motitech, a Norway-based agetech startup, is providing care homes across the Nordics, with free trials of ‘Motiview’, its virtual video cycling concept, enabling older people and people with dementia to take part in physical activity whilst self-isolating.


Apotti is a shared social and healthcare information and ERP system and includes Apotti’s Customer Portal, Maisa. In response to Covid-19, the portal has integrated a video reception in cooperation with the Finnish company VideoVisit.


Qoorio, a Lithuania-based social support platform which connects individuals looking for solutions to various problems, is building up a Covid-19 support community to help those struggling in quarantine. It offers psychological advice and general wellbeing advice.


Kind is a communication app for healthcare, including messaging, images / video, digital health forms and files. In response to Covid-19, Kind offers 1 month of free access to all healthcare teams or individual professionals with urgent needs.


Solve.Care is a purpose-built platform that uses blockchain technology to increase transparency, reduce waste and make access to healthcare fast and simple. As the crisis calls for radical renovation of healthcare, Solve.Care is at the forefront of change.