Efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19 continue to impact the way we work, hire and communicate. Adapting to remote working conditions requires new tools and practices for both managers and employees. Supplying and securing new opportunities for job-seekers requires rapid access to online support services. At NordicBaltic.Tech, a partnership between PUBLIC Denmark and the Nordic Council of Ministers, we highlight the startups and initiatives that are stepping up to the challenge. In the world of Employment and Work, these 10 Nordic-Baltic startups are helping people tackle uncertainty throughout and beyond the crisis.


Recruitment & Onboarding  


MeetFrank is a hiring app that delivers job openings to job-seekers across Europe. In response to Covid-19, Meet Frank have launched a Remote Work Feed in their app. Additionally, they offer a free trial to all new companies and will continue to extend it throughout the crisis.  


Swedish startup, Typelane, transforms the employee onboarding and offboarding experience while saving time for managers. Start a 14-day free trial or visit the Typelane blog to learn more about remote onboarding, remote work tools and other topics related to working from home.   



Collaboration & Communication   


An all-in-one innovation platform, Finnish Viima helps organisations collect and manage ideas. To help people get through tough times under Covid-19, Viima offers their Basic plan completely free of change to unlimited users.   



OnlyOffice provides a secure way to create, edit and collaborate on business documents online. With companies relying on remote collaboration more than ever, OnlyOffice are offering a free cloud service with 20GB disk for 6 months to everyone in need.


By combining an intranet, enterprise social network and collaboration platform,
Happeo brings together together essential tools into one digital workplace. Listen to the Happeo podcast to learn about Covid-19 and internal crisis comms.  



Time Management & Administration


Norwegian startup, Memory, is behind the time tracking app, Timely. By applying AI and digital technology, Memory creates tools to manage and optimise time in the modern workplace. Sign up to the 30-day free trial or visit the Timely blog to learn more about time-tracking whilst remote working.



Planday offers sophisticated rota management and staff scheduling tools, with built in communication channels. Planday automates much of the weekly rota planning process through its smart schedules, with features for staff to digitally punch in and out for their shift, giving managers greater oversight of workforce activity.   



Pento there is no need for lockdown to disrupt payroll processes. Pento is an intuitive payroll management system that connects to tax authorities and pension providers, with automatic payment to employees. The simplified digital payslip enables employees to preview upcoming payments and flag discrepancies, streamlining the payroll process.


Employee Training & Wellbeing


Using chatbot technology, Finnish Panda Training offers micro-coaching to help companies learn and change behaviour, at scale.  As winners of the HackForce Covid-19 Hackathon, Panda Training supports transitions to remote work.



Proency provides real-time mental health assessment tools for employees, and enables managers to track the overall mental health of their team. Through Proency employees can access evidence-based mental health tools to help them manage their workplace wellbeing on a daily basis.