The Covid-19 crisis has had a global impact and nearly every country has been affected. However, the crisis has been particularly devastating to the elderly and those in care homes. We spoke to Torbjørn Langeland, the Chief Administrative Officer of Norwegian startup Motitech to learn more about their solution to get older people and people with dementia to stay active whilst remaining in the safety of their care home.

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What do you do at Motitech and why did you embark on this venture?

Through our product Motiview, Motitech helps the elderly and people with dementia to engage in physical activity. Motiview, which is a virtual video cycling concept, is available at over 400 facilities across the world with the Nordics, uk and Canada as our main markets.

Based on the great potential impact Motitech’s solution has on elderly people’s lives and well-being, it was an easy choice for me to join this venture in its early days. My job today is to lead our Nordic and Baltic market efforts.

What challenges has Covid-19 presented in Norway?

Covid-19 has had an acute and profound impact on the Norwegian care sector. Older people are no longer able to leave their care homes, visits from family and loved ones are prohibited and adult day care centres are closed. This creates an even greater need for activities that stimulate the body and mind inside the walls of the care home.

How has Motitech adapted to face Covid-19?

Motitech has started a free trial period as our way to support the care homes and their residents during these difficult times. We have seen a fantastic uptake to the free trial campaign across all markets, but we still welcome any care homes that wish to trial Motiview to get in touch. Visit the website to find out more.

Looking forward, how do you think Covid-19 will change demand for this type of technology? 

Long before the outbreak of Covid-19 we were convinced that our technology was doing a crucial job of ensuring and improving the mental and physical well being of elderly people. Isolation and restricted movement has reminded us all of the need for us not only to stay alive but to feel alive.

Motiview gives care home residents the opportunity to travel the world, bringing back happy memories and discovering new beautiful places, all while improving their health.

I believe our technology is now becoming more important than ever before.

Check out Motitech’s website to find out more.