At NordicBaltic.Tech, a partnership between PUBLIC Denmark and the Nordic Council of Ministers, we share the insights gained by those working to support citizens with innovative digital solutions during and beyond the crisis.

One of the positive outcomes of the pandemic has been that countries, communities and ecosystems have come together to solve problems and share knowledge. From virtual hackathons to discussions on AI in smart cities, we’ve gathered a list of some of the most interesting technology focused webinars, podcasts and events from across the Nordic-Baltic region to keep you busy during the rest of lockdown.   

EU vs Virus Matchathon 

Date: 22-25th May

Europe unites in the fight against Covid-19! The European Commission and a jury of experts selected 120 winning teams and their innovative solutions at the EUvsVirus Hackathon. Now, it’s time to match them with elite universities, companies, investors, accelerators, venture capitalists, and public authorities. Help to defeat coronavirus by joining the EUvsVirus Demo Day and Matchathon.  Sign up here.

PUBLIC Denmark – Scaling in a crisis Webinar

Date: 4th June, 16:00 – 16:45 CEST

The crisis rapidly changes the business landscape, requiring startups to adapt. How is GovTech evolving as it is “in the eye of the storm” for good and bad during this crisis? PUBLIC Germany, PUBLIC Denmark and Oracle for Startups has invited VC Henry Mason from Dawn Capital and CEO and Co-founder, Francesco Stasi, from Botsupply to discuss the dynamic environment that startups currently face in the GovTech vertical. Sign up here.  

Cyber Security in Estonia 2020: What Has Changed – E-estonia 

Date: 26th May 

E-estonia hosts weekly webinars exploring some of the numerous solutions produced by Baltic innovators and some of the challenges presented by the crisis. Every E-estonia live webinar is also recorded so if you miss any you can listen to them all here. Link to attend.

Latitude59 – Estonia

Dates: 27th-28th August

This year, the startup and innovation festival Latitude Estonia will be held both in Tallin and online. You’ll get a glimpse of Estonia’s tech ecosystem and will understand why the country has earned its nickname of e-Estonia. To abide with the current regulations, 600 regular on-site tickets will be released for sale, with added online tickets also available. Tickets here  

Copenhagen FinTech Podcast

Tune in to Copenhagen FinTech’s weekly podcast on the importance of FinTech and the potential impact on a global scale. Their most recent episode is on ‘Community building during Covid-19’. You can listen to all episodes here.  


COVID Cast is a new weekly podcast from PUBLIC, looking at initiatives taken by startups and governments around the world to tackle the challenges presented by COVID-19. Episode 1 hears from PUBLIC Denmark and The Nordic Council of Ministers on how to forge partnerships during a crisis. Listen here.  

TechBBQ – Startup Capital

Date: 18th June 

Tech BBQ is hosting an online matchmaking event for startups and investors. 50 Nordic startups and 50 global VC funds will attend – the deadline to apply is the 7th June – sign up here.  

AI in Smart Cities – Silo.AI

Date: May 26th, 3pm EEST

AI for social distancing in a free society – can we have both? Hosted by Silo.AI this webinar will discuss how we can improve the awareness for keeping social distance, presence of risk groups and face masks all whilst still in a free society. Guests include Mika Aaltonen, Chairman, AI Strategy Company and Tero Ojanperä, Chairman & Co-founder of Silo.AI. You can sign up here.  

Green and Smart Recovery – Mobility 2.0

Date: 11th June 10-16:00 CET

This event organised by Future Mobility Finland will discuss the topics that should be tackled at both European and global level to ensure Green Recovery after COVID-19 and to establish the role of smart and green mobility solutions and sustainable investments during the recovery phase.The event will be an immersive 3D experience with inspirational international keynotes, an extraordinary environment for virtual networking and an expo showcasing the latest smart mobility solutions from Finland. Sign up here.  

From Idea to Market – Innovation Norway

Date: 26th May 12pm

Innovation Norway is working to get more growth companies with new business ideas in Norway. This video seminar will give startups information about our entrepreneurial services and tips on how to succeed. Sign up here.  

How to use and share data for the public good – apolitical

Date: 16th June 2:30 BST

This online workshop is exclusive for policymakers and public servants on using and sharing data for the public good. You can register your interest here.