The current pandemic crisis is moving across the world leaving behind a trail of unparalleled societal challenges, critical issues and frustration. These consequences speak their own language and call out for new ways of operating and delivering the vital governmental services to citizens. NordicBaltic.Tech, a partnership between PUBLIC Denmark and the Nordic Council of Ministers, tracks the current tech response to Covid-19.   

The crisis has not been met with a lack of opportunities, nor has it cancelled out the need for innovation. Listed below are examples of the sense of urgency for innovation and an even more explorative approach to solve public sector challenges.   

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change points out that Covid-19 is accelerating the rise of digital democracy, and besides listing global approaches to managing the consequences of Covid-19 highlights five core principles that political leaders should embrace to learn from the crisis and innovate.  

Governments all over the world have the opportunity to explore and experiment with new ways of operating. The Canadian journalist Kathryn May writes how Covid-19 could reshape Canada’s federal public service. May highlights that there now is an opportunity to rethink the need for massive office building, embrace digital government and position government in a position to act quickly.   

PUBLIC was created on the idea of startups contributing to public sector innovation, the Founders of PUBLIC, Daniel Korski and Alexander de Carvaldo, stated this when forming PUBLIC 4 years ago:

“Today’s technology could transform the way that citizens interact with local and central government services. However, the companies that build some of the most exciting and transformative technology often struggle to do business with the public sector. We created Public to offer tech startups the right combination of insight, networks and capital to help them on their journey to transform public services”.   

PUBLIC is the leading European GovTech venture and research firm. ‘GovTech’ refers to technology solutions and platforms aimed at transforming public services. The Head of Research at PUBLIC, Johnny Hugill, wrote in October last year that tech startups and scaleups are in the forefront of change, and why Europe will lead the GovTech revolution. 

PUBLIC’s GovTech portfolio companies have managed to scale and deploy their solutions during the crisis: British Vinehealth has partnered with The Royal Marsden to win NHSx TechForce19 funding, British Adzuna has partnered with the Office for National Statistics to get Britain back to work, and German companies Polyteia, Convaise and Vialytics have all won contracts with different parts of the German government during the crisis.   

Tune in for the upcoming webinar on June 4th made in partnership with Oracle for Startups to learn more about GovTech and how to scale in a crisis. Register today here. The webinar will give you a short panel debate followed by a Q&A session. The panel consists of VC, Henry Mason, from Dawn Capital, EMEA BD Lead, Max Dunhill, from Oracle for Startups and CEO and Founder, Francesco Stasi, from BotSupply. The panel debate will be moderated by PUBLIC Danmark Programme Manager, Julie Rømer.