On NordicBaltic.Tech, a partnership between PUBLIC Denmark and the Nordic Council of Ministers, we have been covering the impact of the Covid-19 crisis for startups over the last few months. As cities across the region emerge from lockdown, public authorities are set to face growing demand for local transport services. Likewise, businesses will have to effectively manage their supply chains and logistics to support consumer demand. Technology and data solutions can support organisations to solve these challenges. In this article, we’ve listed some  startups from across the Nordic-Baltic region that are offering solutions to help cities transition to a new normal.


Swedish food waste company Karma has responded to increasing strain on grocery stores to establish a payment system to enable selling and buying of food digitally. It is working with over 7500 restaurants and grocery stores in 225 Swedish cities and suburbs to increase the capacity to deliver directly to the consumer and reduce food waste.


Finnish mobility startup Kyyti offes a multi-modal transport platform for cities and public transportation authorities. It is a Demand Responsive Transport software that allows authorities to adjust transport offerings according to changes in demand.


Copenhagen-based startup NordSense uses low cost and high quality optical sensors with 3D measuring capabilities to optimise urban waste collection and management.


Espoo-based Bout offers a marketplace for shared boat services, allowing small boat owners to offer on-demand boat services between 50 predefined pickup and drop-off locations.


Estonian company Ridango has designed a mobile ticketing and real-time passenger information solution for public transport operators.


Oslo-based Spacemaker AI uses AI technology to allow cities, property developers and architects to make better decisions when designing building sites.


Finnish company Enevo uses IoT technology to provide analytics around waste generation and disposal to help companies and cities better manage their waste output.


Swedish delivery startup Vembla offers customers an app to purchase a selection of groceries and everyday goods from local retailers. They have offered free delivery for elderly and high risk individuals during the pandemic.


Danish startup Whispr has set up Covid Clean, an easy-to-use platform for companies in the hospitality sector to ensure guest rooms and public areas are clean.


Tractr AI is a Finnish PropTech startup that provides tools to enable more effective use of space for public and institutional clients.