Interview with Thomas Krogh Jensen, Copenhagen FinTech

This week, the Lab opens up for outsiders for the first time since the onset of the crisis. We spoke to Thomas Krogh Jensen, CEO of Copenhagen FinTech, to learn more about the Lab and the role of FinTech during and after the crisis.

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10 Nordic-Baltic Startups in Finance and Welfare

Access to liquidity is a major challenge for startups and SMEs during the crisis, and options such as crowdlending, crowdfunding and e-commerce have become increasingly relevant. In this article, we list 10 startups that are working to improve Finance and Welfare in the Nordic-Baltic region.

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Finance and Welfare Trends in the Nordic-Baltic Region

With the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic becoming apparent, the livelihoods of millions of citizens across the Nordics and Baltics are under threat. We take a look at how governments, employers and startups across the region are attempting to tackle the impact on personal finances and welfare due to Covid-19.

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Adapting to Remote Work in the Nordic-Baltic Region

We take a look at the trends and solutions that have helped both companies and employees in the Nordic-Baltic region to survive and thrive under the new status quo.

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10 Nordic-Baltic Startups in Employment and Work

Adapting to remote working conditions requires new tools and practices for both managers and employees. We highlight 10 startups and initiatives that are stepping up to the challenge.

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An Interview with Martin Permin – Lessons from

This interview tells the story of - a tech response to Covid-19 through which citizens could contribute self-reported health data in order to gather a database for the Danish health authorities regarding the spread of Covid-19. This is also the story of how failed, lessons learnt and recommendations for future startup-government collaboration during a crisis. 

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How the Danish startup ecosystem is battling Covid-19

The startup ecosystem in Denmark has come together to support its members in this difficult time. The help offered by the tech community has not been limited to its own members. We have listed some of the most important initiatives from the Danish startup ecosystem so that more startups can get involved and those in need can benefit from the tech initiatives being offered.

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Social Care Startups Helping People in Isolation during Covid-19

Under Covid-19, many populations are practicing social distancing, leaving countless children, young people, adults and pensioners isolated from their communities and carers. These 11 NordicBaltic startups are reconnecting citizens remotely, bringing digital social care to the homes of patients, pensioners and relatives across the region.

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Startup Support Measures

To make startups aware of what their government can do for them, we have created a country-by-country roundup of government-backed resources in the Nordics and Baltics for startups and scaleups dealing with the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis.

An interview with CanopyLab – the EdTech startup building a global learning community

We have interviewed the Danish CEO and Co-Founder of CanopyLab, Sahra-Josephine Hjorth. Read about how digital learning has become increasingly important during the Covid-19 crisis and how we can all contribute to help emerging economies and close the digital divide.

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