Interview with KAMU – winner of the Nordic Smart City Challenge

In this interview, we spoke to KAMU Health, the winning startup for Challenge 1 of the Nordic Smart City Challenge. KAMU offers digital therapeutics to help users manage their respiratory care. We spoke to CPO and co-founder Seppo Salorinne to find out more about their smart city solution.

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Covid-19 as a Catalyst for Change: Looking Back and Moving Forward

In this article we look back at the impact the crisis has had on startups in the region and cast our gaze towards the future to discuss what lies ahead for the Nordic-Baltic ecosystem.  

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Digital Inclusion and Equality during Covid-19

The Nordic-Baltic region is known for its digital nature, welfare system and values such as inclusion, openness, trust, equality and democratic rights. These factors have been key to the Nordic-Baltic regions' way of tackling the Covid-19 crisis in an effective yet humane manner. It also shows that digital solutions can play a role in almost every part of society.    

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Nordic-Baltic Initiatives Tackling the Aftermath of the Crisis

New initiatives have cropped up to tackle the aftermath of the last months and some startup initiatives have shifted their focus to supporting the community as business opens up again. We highlight some of the most exciting initiatives from the Nordic and Baltic region that are supporting startups in this new phase of the Covid crisis.

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How Local Governments are Tackling Covid-19

The burden of implementing central government guidelines on the Covid-19 pandemic response has fallen on local authorities, placing them at the frontline of the fight against coronavirus. We take a look at the leadership and ingenuity local governments have displayed in the Covid-19 pandemic in the Nordic-Baltic region.