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Exploring the technology sector’s response to COVID-19

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A partnership between the Nordic Council of Ministers and GovTech venture company PUBLIC, we showcase technology responses to COVID-19 in the region. Read more about the Nordic Council of Ministers and PUBLIC here.

This platform is updated regularly with an overview of cross-sector initiatives, regional partnerships, and case studies of potential solutions.

Latest Initiatives

How to Scale in a Crisis

The crisis has not been met with a lack of opportunities, nor has it cancelled out the need for innovation. We've listed examples of the sense of urgency for innovation and an even more explorative approach to solve public sector challenges. 

How Local Governments are Tackling Covid-19

The burden of implementing central government guidelines on the Covid-19 pandemic response has fallen on local authorities, placing them at the frontline of the fight against coronavirus. We take a look at the leadership and ingenuity local governments have displayed in the Covid-19 pandemic in the Nordic-Baltic region.

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Startups addressing COVID-19

Insight by Sector

1. Education

1. Education

Covid-19 has forced the closure of schools and universities across the Nordic region, shifting education online. More and more institutions are embracing digital technologies as a means of mitigating some of the impact of school closures. Innovative companies are helping teachers and students to deliver and receive education remotely. Discover more.

2. Healthcare

2. Healthcare

From tracking the spread of the disease, to symptom checking, to clinical testing, HealthTech applications are already tackling the immediate, evolving healthcare challenges triggered by Covid-19. There is also increasing strain on the capacity of our health and care system. The challenge is to ensure that the capacity of health and care staff is being appropriately measured and communicated. Discover more.

3. Social Care

3. Social Care

There is a large population of older and other high risk people, many of whom rely on medication, hospital appointments, informal carers, and paid carers to maintain their physical and mental health. The challenge is to ensure there is sufficient support for the elderly and vulnerable to easily find and access support at any time of the day. Discover more.

4. Employment & Work

4 Employment & Work

A large proportion of the workforce has shifted to working remotely. This has created a range of challenges as employees struggle with reduced access to managerial support and communication. Businesses are looking for new ways to ensure well-being among colleagues as employees miss the social interaction of an office setting. Discover more.

5. Finance & Welfare

5. Finance & Welfare

Citizens are under greater pressure to manage their finances effectively. Some employees will face redundancy or temporary leave from their jobs, making it difficult to pay their rent, purchase food and essential supplies, or pay for bills. Those who are dependent on welfare payments will find themselves struggling to access credit and receive government welfare benefits. Discover more.

6. Support for Startups

6. Support for Startups

Small businesses and startups will be heavily affected by the economic consequences of Covid-19. Countries across the Nordic region have introduced financial support for small businesses such as liquidity, employee relief and loans among other measures. We will outline the key measures available to startups and seek to understand the financial challenges they face to survive over the next few months. Discover more.

COVID-19 Ecosystem

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