Next Steps for EdTech in the Nordic-Baltic Region

Since the onset of the pandemic, we have reported on key trends in EdTech. In this article, we look at the insights gained from lockdown and the potential conditions for continued innovation in education in the Nordic-Baltic region.

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Interview with Thor Ellegaard, Member of Teach Millions team and CEO of EdTech-Denmark

The EdTech sector in the Nordic-Baltic region has been accelerating [...]

How Local Governments are Tackling Covid-19

The burden of implementing central government guidelines on the Covid-19 pandemic response has fallen on local authorities, placing them at the frontline of the fight against coronavirus. We take a look at the leadership and ingenuity local governments have displayed in the Covid-19 pandemic in the Nordic-Baltic region.

An interview with CanopyLab – the EdTech startup building a global learning community

We have interviewed the Danish CEO and Co-Founder of CanopyLab, Sahra-Josephine Hjorth. Read about how digital learning has become increasingly important during the Covid-19 crisis and how we can all contribute to help emerging economies and close the digital divide.

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10 NordicBaltic EdTech Startups Helping to Address Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis has left schools closed and most parents having to educate their children from home. This has presented EdTech startups with a unique opportunity to offer their digital solutions to students and teachers who are keen for education to continue during these difficult times.

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Let’s innovate the crisis together!

Innovative digital solutions are in demand to tackle the Corona crisis. is our way of bringing governmental organizations and digital entrepreneurs together. Watch the video of NCM SG, Paula Lehtomäki, inviting you to share your initiative or solution.

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