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How Local Governments are Tackling Covid-19

The burden of implementing central government guidelines on the Covid-19 pandemic response has fallen on local authorities, placing them at the frontline of the fight against coronavirus. We take a look at the leadership and ingenuity local governments have displayed in the Covid-19 pandemic in the Nordic-Baltic region.

How Covid-19 is changing the Care Sector across the Nordic-Baltic Region

The outbreak of Covid-19 has sped up the transformation of the care sector, forcing providers to experiment with new working models and seek technologies that help deliver care in a socially distanced society. 

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Social Care Startups Helping People in Isolation during Covid-19

Under Covid-19, many populations are practicing social distancing, leaving countless children, young people, adults and pensioners isolated from their communities and carers. These 11 NordicBaltic startups are reconnecting citizens remotely, bringing digital social care to the homes of patients, pensioners and relatives across the region.

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Let’s innovate the crisis together!

Innovative digital solutions are in demand to tackle the Corona crisis. is our way of bringing governmental organizations and digital entrepreneurs together. Watch the video of NCM SG, Paula Lehtomäki, inviting you to share your initiative or solution.

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An interview with KRY – Europe’s largest digital healthcare provider

We have interviewed the Swedish CEO and Co-founder of KRY, Johannes Schildt. Read about how Schildt foresees a ‘fast-forwarding’ of a mega-trend against the backdrop of the Covid-19, and how KRY is helping in the crisis.

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